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About - Integrated Curriculum

At PUCS, we use an integrated curriculum, inspiring our students to see the world as a whole and emphasizing the natural connections between subjects.

Rather than teaching isolated academic subjects, an integrated curriculum is an innovative way to teach students by breaking down barriers between subjects. All learning centers around units or themes, such as “Oceans” or "The Civil War". Units are framed by a Christian perspective. Major concepts are culled from these broad themes. Activities are planned that teach or inform of these concepts and how and why different parts of life fit together.  To learn more about our integrated curriculum, click here.  

Elementary School Curriculum Sequence

At PUCS, we inspire our students to see the world as a whole, emphasizing the natural connections between subjects. Rather than teaching isolated academic subjects, the PUCS curriculum brings together content from multiple subjects into creative learning units.

Each unit is organized around a social studies or science theme that provides framework for instruction in reading, writing, math, music, and art.

In the course of the school year, our K-5 students will immerse themselves in the study of five grade-specific units plus one all-school unit.

Overall, our integrated curriculum promotes a deeper understanding and makes learning meaningful, relevant and fun.  Click here to see the sequence of Elementary School Unit themes.

Middle School Curriculum Sequence

The goals of the PUCS Middle School are to encourage students to develop:

  • A Christian perspective that integrates Biblical principles of redemption and reconciliation found only in Christ with their lives and their learning.
  • A broad knowledge of science and social studies content with strong conceptual links between topics.
  • A depth of skills in each of seven skill areas — personal and social development, physical development, language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish — that can be effectively applied in a variety of contexts.

Our Two Integrated Middle School Courses

The Middle School students experience two integrated courses, one social science and one science. Each course lasts a full year and aims at synthesizing and formalizing the concepts learned during elementary school. Click here to see the sequence of the Middle School Unit themes.

Lessons in Language and Literacy and the Arts are integrated into these courses. We focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as broad examination of styles of literature, music, visual arts and the performing arts.

Math (Saxon Curriculum), English grammar and vocabulary, Spanish, physical education, study skills, work management strategies, and resource utilization are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Teachers also relate course content to Biblical themes and Biblical events, as well as the history of Christianity and Christian Mission.