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About - Letter to Parents From The Executive Director


Dear Parents,

Parenthood is a wonder-filled journey as you watch your children grow and develop. We feel privileged to work with you to foster your child’s love of learning and discovery.

Since 1981, PUCS has offered a Christ-centered education that promotes both confidence and competence in its students. PUCS students are nurtured by teachers that love to teach and who employ a variety of teaching methods, understanding and teaching to the individual learning styles of each child to help them succeed.

Our teachers know an integrated curriculum is the best method for teaching a child — encouraging critical thinking, sparking curiosity and actively engaging the child in the learning process. An integrated curriculum teaches around units or themes; major concepts are then drawn from these units and activities developed to teach these concepts.

Students use knowledge from all traditional subjects, learning to problem-solve and apply their knowledge in the world around them. Knowing all things are created by God, the PUCS curriculum demonstrates how all things work together, are interconnected, and under God’s authority.

Parental involvement is critical to a child’s academic success. PUCS families agree to volunteer 24 hours during the year. Volunteering at the school communicates to your child that school is important, it encourages a sense of community and friendships with other families, it provides opportunity for parents to bring their gifts and talents to bless the school and lastly, it reduces the cost of education.

I invite you to visit our vibrant school and look forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) into the PUCS family. While we come from all walks of life, we are one in God’s eyes and are all His children. To schedule a tour or attend an open house, please call the school office at 412-244-1779. We would be happy to speak with you.


Dave Moore