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Support - Why PUCS?

Integrated Curriculum

At PUCS, we inspire our students to see the world as a whole, emphasizing the natural connections between subjects. Rather than teaching math separate from science or social studies distinct from art and music, the PUCS curriculum brings together content from multiple subjects into creative learning units. Each unit is organized around a social studies or science theme that provides framework for instruction in reading, writing, math, music, and art. In the course of the school year, our K-5 students will immerse themselves in the study of five grade-specific units plus one all-school unit. The Middle School students pursue two integrated courses, one social studies and one science, each lasting the entire year. Overall, our integrated curriculum promotes a deeper understanding and makes learning meaningful, relevant and fun.

Small Class Size

At PUCS, each class ideally has between 15 – 18 students. Small classes are necessary to meet the varied needs of young children. In a small class, children can also be known according to their unique gifts, abilities, temperament, learning style, family background and spiritual maturity.

Multi-Grade Classes

Beginning in the 2nd grade, PUCS intentionally groups multiple grade levels together. Children mature socially, emotionally and academically at different rates. These classroom settings foster cooperative learning, leadership and classroom interaction.

Christian Education in an Urban Setting

Since our school’s inception in 1981, PUCS has intentionally served an urban community. In this setting, PUCS seeks to be a “light” in its own community and surrounding areas. We are located in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, just east of Pittsburgh.