We view each student as a whole person.  We are not a collection of components, or brains attached to bodies, but God’s image-bearers, with intention and purpose at every age.

We don’t see children as little adults, but as uniquely gifted according to their own age.  A six-year-old is not a partially-formed grownup, but a fully formed six-year-old.  A twelve-year-old is not a pre-teen, but a fully-formed twelve-year-old.  This view influences our teaching styles and expectations of students at every level of development.

Therefore, we


In coordination with our Education Director, each teacher builds curriculum around thematic units.  We encourage movement, play and artistic expression at every grade level. Physical education, Spanish, and music are integral components of each week.

Click here to see the sequence of elementary school units. 

Teachers in grades 1-5 utilize the Everyday Math program of study.  Everyday Math guides students to understand math concepts in anticipation of introducing algebra and geometry in Middle School.

Classroom Management

All of our teachers are trained to utilize Responsive Classroom techniques to help students make good decisions about how they treat others.  We use developmentally-appropriate techniques to help build students’ self-discipline and thoughtfulness.

TerraNova Standardized Test Scores: Elementary School (from at-a-glance)

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