Enrollment Process

How to Apply

Applications are accepted no more than one school year in advance.  Parents wishing to apply for  Kindergarten are encouraged to tour the school and apply in the fall preceding their child’s Kindergarten year.

Parents of older students can apply at any time.  Keep in mind, however, that both space and financial aid resources dwindle throughout the year.

There is a $35 Application Fee per family that will be applied to enrollment fees upon final acceptance and enrollment.

Assessment and Acceptance

Every student receives an educational assessment by our Education Director and/or Middle School Lead Teacher.  This assessment helps us to properly place each student and be assured that we can meet each student’s needs.  We may also ask older students to join us for some time in the classroom.   We request student records from a student’s previous school prior to enrolling.

Kindergarteners are strongly encouraged to attend Pre-K Day, which is held each January.  At Pre-K Day students interact with their soon-to-be fellow learners and their teacher in the classroom.