Our tuition for the following school year is announced each January.  The tuition schedule for the 2018-19 school year is as follows:

Elementary (K-5th grade):   $6,875
Middle School (6th – 8th grade):   $7,905
Half-Day Kindergarten:   $4,125

Additional Fees and Expectations

We charge an Activity Fee of $120 per student, which can be paid up front or spread over multiple months.  This fee covers field trips, helps support our Fall camp, and supplemental experiences for our students.

In order to give we also expect each family to complete 24 Service Hours each school year.  Parents often help with field trips, administrative tasks, and summer cleaning projects.  To encourage completion of these hours, each account will be assessed a fee of $10 per hour, to be reimbursed upon completion of service.

Financial Aid

Through the Lord’s faithfulness and the generosity of individuals, churches, and businesses, we are able to offer need-based financial aid to help make a PUCS education affordable.  Over 60% of our families qualify for some amount of aid.  However, everyone pays something – whether it’s the family minimum amount or a higher percentage of overall tuition.

Need assessments are conducted by FACTS, a leading third-party provider of verification services.  Family income, size, and expenses are taken into account.  Financial Aid is solely need-based, and is not allocated on the basis of race, gender, or student achievement.