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    At A Time Like This

    After a very hard weekend for our city, I’m reminded of a scene from that fount of wisdom, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (we have the VHS if you want to borrow it)…

    At the beginning of the third Act, Kirk, McCoy, and a team of scientists are trapped in an underground cave system on a dead moon, while Khan (the bad guy) flies off with a doomsday machine.  TheEnterprise is damaged and can neither chase Khan nor retrieve the away team.  It is a most hopeless moment.

    “Is there anything to eat?”  Kirk asks as he sits down.  “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m starved.”

    McCoy is indignant: “How can you think of food at a time like this?”

    Last night and this morning I reminded our teachers that we trust them to do what they considered was “developmentally appropriate” for their classes.  Middle School history classes were, ironically, already discussing the Holocaust and antisemitism through the ages.  They talked about the pervasive influence of evil, always, in the words of Genesis, “crouching at our door.”  4th and 5th graders were discussing this topic as well and could place the events in Squirrel Hill in a larger narrative framework.  Younger students were free to discuss their responses with their teachers and were encouraged to pray for the victims and the community at large.

    And meanwhile, another chick hatched in the 1st Grade incubator, bringing us to eight distracting babies!  A student came in from recess to get a band-aid on his knee.  The 4th/5th-grade chip peddlers came by my office at the usual time.  We judged a few posters about the golden rule.  An inflatable cow was seen heading upstairs.  Kids talked, or didn’t, to whom they needed when they needed.

    The same things happened at the same times they always do because that’s what everyone is used to… and “what we’re used to” is our best tool for helping kids mature through events like this.  Keeping the routine – while simultaneously telling kids that we’re also sad, angry, or scared – reminds kids that we can lament while not despairing, we can grieve without being crushed.  We live in a bent world; darkness thrashes against the light, but it will not prevail.  We might have to adjust our step, or even take a different route from time to time, but we will keep marching.

    It might seem a sacrilege to “think about food at a time like this,” but that’s what our kids need right now.  Please, turn off the news coverage; put down the phone; read the Bible together; go to bed on time (for once).  Cook, play, run, wrestle, dance, pray.  Ask your kids how they’re doing; tell them how you’re doing, and pass the potatoes.

    Dave Moore

    our chick:

    PUCS Post: October 22, 2018

    8-Post-October 22, 2018

    October 22, 2018


    Please mark your calendar!  There will be school on Tuesday, November 6th

    October 26                    NO SCHOOL – Report/Conference Prep

    November 5                  Parent Association Meeting – 6:00

    November 15                Parent/Teacher Conferences from 3:30-8:00pm

    November 16                NO SCHOOL – Parent/Teacher Conferences from 9:00am-noon

    November 21-23          NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break

    Parents are our #1 recruiters!  We are so grateful for you all sharing the story of our school.

    Please pass along these open house dates!

    • October 24 from 9-10:00am
    • November 14 from 9-10:00am and 7-8:00pm
    • January 17 from 7-8:00pm

    The first Parent Association meeting of the school year is scheduled for Monday, November 5 at 6 pm

    Please plan to join us for a few important announcements and a special speaker. Dinner and childcare provided.  More information to come!

    ALL Weekly Pizza orders are due on Wednesday for Friday lunch:

    $2.50 slice of cheese pizza

    $  .50 juice box

    Pittsburgh Urban Christian School in cooperation with Mad Science of Pittsburgh an After School Program Presents:  The “Animals, Energy, & Robots”

    GRADES: K-6

    THURSDAYS FROM 3:15-4:15 PM




    See MadScience Flyer for more details and how to register.

    PUCS Post: October 15, 2018

    7-Post-October 15, 2018


    Please mark your calendar!  There will be school on Tuesday, November 6th

    October 19                   School Pictures (re-scheduled date)

    October 26                   NO SCHOOL – Report/Conference Prep

    November 5                 Parent Association Meeting – 7:00

    November 15               Parent/Teacher Conferences from 3:30-8:00pm

    November 16               NO SCHOOL – Parent/Teacher Conferences from 9:00am-noon

    November 21-23         NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break


    TSS Photography has a Convenient Picture Day Ordering Process.  This process eliminates the need for paper order forms.  You will SAVE TIME by PRE-ORDERING photos and products on-line prior to picture day.  You can order on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device up to 4 days AFTER picture day.  (We will have order forms on picture day if you are not able to place your order online)

    Go to:   www.tssorders.com

    Enter the Event ID #27051258to get to your event.

    Select Your Child’s class from the categories drop down list. Please be careful to select the correct Class.  Look at the grade and the teacher before you select the team.  This is the class photo you will receive in your order.

    If you have multiple children, please place separate orders for each child and/or family photo.  All orders are processed separately and ship separately through the automated lab.

    Select your packages, package add-on or a-la-carte items and add them to your cart, then proceed to checkout.  (If you have multiple children, we suggest you create an account at checkout as it will keep you from having to re-enter much of the same information on an subsequent order).

    We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

    Once completed, you will receive an Order # as well as receive an email confirmation of your order.  This information will automatically be captured at the camera stations and await your child to be photographed so we can assign their image(s) directly to that order.

    IMPORTANT – when personalizing your items, be sure to enter your CHILD’s name and not yours.  The order will print exactly as you enter it.  Some items are personalized so be sure to fill in the fields for these items if you want them personalized.

    Thank you for your cooperation –  we look forward to seeing you this Friday!  Please call or email with any questions at 412-344-3100 or healy@tssphotography.com


    Parents are our #1 recruiters!  We are so grateful for you all sharing the story of our school.

    Please pass along these open house dates!

    • October 24 from 9-10:00am
    • November 14 from 9-10:00am and 7-8:00pm
    • January 17 from 7-8:00pm

    Red Ribbon Week® is October 23-31st

    See the attached information about the Red Ribbon poster contest.  Please encourage your child to participate and take time to talk with your child about making good choices.  This year’s contest theme is treating others the way you would want to be treated.

    Red Ribbon Week Poster Contest handout 2018 2019

    Grandparents and Special Friends Day – A grand and wonderful total of 125 guests visited our students on Friday October 12! We enjoyed family photo sessions, an informative Dove Presentation by Mr. Tom Berich, a majestic Dove release and then our guests came to 813 South for refreshments, toured the building and heard about what is next for PUCS.  They can join us in our excitement! Thank you middle school and parent volunteers!

    Sacred Spaces Tour – PUCS hosted 70+ visitors on Saturday, from greater Pittsburgh interested in our building, school history and our plans for the future. Our Artwork from Art Expression Day was featured on the walls and on tables, and people loved it!  The celebration with food and DJ in the Sanctuary was a delightful time and we are proud of our school and our place in Wilkinsburg.  Thank you to Jennifer Chenoweth for her leadership on this event and to our parent and student volunteers!

    ALL Weekly Pizza orders are due on Wednesday for Friday lunch:  PIZZA ORDER FORM template

    $2.50 slice of cheese pizza

    $  .50 juice box

    Our small but mighty group demonstrated excellence, perseverance, and team spirit as they supported one another through challenging practices and meets and worked hard to improve their times. Thanks to coaches Ben Love and Karen Boyer, captains Grace Boyer and Ella Bindewald, and our many parent volunteers for keeping everything on track! Please be sure to congratulate our novice girls’ team for their second place team trophy from yesterday’s Winchester Thurston Invitational!  Congratulations to the 2018 PUCS cross country team for a great season!

    The Garden Needs You!

    The Outdoor Classroom and Garden have been bustling with activity already this fall, especially thanks to our unit on birds!  In addition to learning how to observe the details of nature and care for our space and plants, we are now painting a bird bath made from terra cotta pots.  We are also very much in need of the following:

    A few handy people to put together a metal shed (from a kit).

    Date TBA based on availability as a group.

    One or two handy people to pour a simple foundation for the shed, anytime.

    LOTS of 2L plastic bottles WITH CAPS… for making bird feeders

    Old wooden spoons/spatulas… for making perches on the bird feeders

    Pinecones, for making bird feeders

    Contact sarahito77@gmail.com or 412-888-9423 (call or text)

    School Chess program:  Please email Christy if you would be interested in an after school chess program. An outside group is offering the program. We would hire a PUCS parent to work with them.

    Parents-Have you ever considered being a chapel speaker for PUCS?  Or have you heard a speaker and thought he or she would be a good speaker for PUCS kids?  Contact Christy Wauzzinski at christy.wauzzinsk@pucs.org if you have an idea for a PUCS Chapel speaker.