ATTN: PUCS Will Be Closed Monday, April 8th, 2024
Volunteer Clearances

All parent drivers, overnight chaperones, and volunteers must have a (1) Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police, a (2) Child Abuse History certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, and a (3) Criminal Background Check from the FBI or waiver on file in the main office. Use the following options to request your clearances. There is no fee for volunteers.


Get Involved

PUCS Parent Association

Welcome to another school year at PUCS. Every parent who currently has a student enrolled at PUCS is automatically a part of the Parent Association (PA).

The purpose of the Parent Association is to directly support the school, students, parents, faculty and staff.

Parent Association Meetings

In order to support the school, ALL parents are expected to attend the scheduled Parent Association meetings:

  • Meetings are held 2-3 times per year (see Calendar, please RSVP).
  • Meeting content includes upcoming activities, voting for board nominees, and approval of the school budget.
  • Meetings count toward your family’s Service Hours requirement.
  • Child care and food are provided at in-person meetings.

If you have any questions, please contact or 412-244-1779.

Parent Involvement

PUCS was built on the principle that involved parents make a school stronger while encouraging students to take their education seriously. An additional benefit is that working towards a common goal brings people together.

We ask each family to contribute 24 service hours to the school each year. Below are the events and activities that would not exist if parents did not support the school. As you can see, many of the school’s activities depend heavily on parental support. Please consider where you could best invest your time and talents at PUCS.

Service Point People

As of 8/3/2023

Classroom and School Day Activities

Extracurricular Activities and All-School Productions

  • Cross Country – Ben Love
  • Basketball – 
  • Robotics Club – Volunteer needed.
  • Yearbook – Volunteer needed.
  • PUCS All-School Camp – Brooke Scott
  • Spring Production (the K-5th musical in March) – Suzie Salo
  • Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon (annual fundraiser) – Rebecca Musoba
  • Hosting and Planning for New Parent Orientation – Volunteer needed.
  • Art Appreciation Day – Suzie Salo
  • Open House –
  • Grandparents Day –

School and Facilities Support Activities

  • PUCS Board & Committee Members
  • Summer Work Days –
Parent Association Meetings 

Next Meeting – To be announced soon!