2022-2023 All-School Unit

Pittsburgh’s Hall of Fame

Spring Production Date

Dress Rehearsal
March 29, 2023

March 30 & 31, 2023


The All-School Unit
& Spring Production

Spring Production 2023: Pittsburgh Hall of Fame

Please bring children under the age of 4 to see the Spring Production at Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday March 29th at 1:30 p.m. rather than to an evening performance.

Evening presentations of Spring Production will be March 30 and 31 at 7 p.m. Call up your favorite babysitter as no childcare will be provided.

A Bake Sale fundraiser will follow the evening productions.

Shows are FREE, but you will NEED to RESERVE TICKETS in advance.

Learning Together With the All-School Unit

The All-School Unit is one example of PUCS’s integral curriculum.

PUCS Faculty meets each spring with our Special Events and Curriculum Resource Consultant to brainstorm an All-School Unit topic. Once this is decided, together they develop enduring understanding and essential questions for the unit. The Curriculum Resource Consultant prepares a resource packet for teachers who develop the details and lesson plans for their unit. The Special Events Consultant helps develop field trips for the units, decorate the building, and later writes the script and lyrics based on student product from the unit for the Elementary Spring Production.  Middle School teachers include the topic as a recurring theme throughout their curriculum and instruction throughout the year.

Creating the Spring Production

The Annual Spring Production is based on our all-school unit. We compile student-written songs, stories, skits, and movement that are put into a script form. During the month of February, the students rehearse, make revisions, and design costumes and sets. The production is held in March and the entire community is invited to watch!

The 2022 Spring Production, “The Great PUCS Baking Show,” was not able to be held in-person due to Covid concerns. Check out the production video below!

Past All-School Units

2022-23 Hall of Fame
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2020-21 Insects
2019-20 Maps and Journeys
2018-19 Birds
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2016-17 Storytelling: Folktales and Myths
2015-16 Bridges and Steel
2014-15 Farms
2013-14 Heroes
2012-13 Mystery
2011-12 Earth Diggers
2010-11 The Caribbean
2009-10 Flight
2008-09 Olympics
2007-08 Vision
2006-07 Australia
2005-06 Money
2004-05 Bees and Insects
2003-04 Lewis and Clark
2002-03 Books
2001-02 Water
2000-01 Advertising: Me, Myself and the Media
1999-2000 Time
1998-99 My Healthy Body
1997-98 Houses
1996-97 Plants
1995-96 Middle Ages
1994-95 Garbage
1993-94 Seasons
1992-93 Water
1991-92 Pittsburgh
1990-91 Celebrations
1989-90 Light
1988-89 Birds
1987-88 Transportation
1986-87 Forests Alive
1985-86 Who Am I?
1984-85 Sun, Moon and Stars
1983-84 Plants Alive
1981-82 Water