The Great PUCS
Virtual Serve-A-Thon

As a school, we are stepping forward in faith to still do our Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon. It is an annual tradition for our students, and is still an important fundraiser to help us meet our very real financial needs during these uncertain times.

The message of hope for your child(ren) is:

  1. The Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon is NOT CANCELLED!
  2. The Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon is going VIRTUAL! and
  3. God will provide for PUCS and for your family, friends and loved ones. ALWAYS!

So how are we doing the Serve-A-Thon from home, you ask? What does it mean to go virtual? These are great questions and the goal of this packet is to give you these answers and more.

What are the BIG changes?

  • Because the physical school is closed, we cannot work together in our Wilkinsburg
    neighborhood nor partner with local organizations on our normal day of service.
  • We cannot do door-to-door or in person fundraising. We also cannot raise money from local businesses in Wilkinsburg since most are closed.
  • One day per week of distance learning for the next 4 weeks will be set aside for PUCS families, faculty, and staff to serve and fundraise for the Serve-A-Thon, and for service learning curriculum connections. Teachers will not schedule assignments or meetings for Friday.
  • We will have one school-wide prize instead of individual and class prizes.

So how will we do the “Serve” part of the Serve-A-Thon?

  • You have the joy of making up your own special service project!
  • All projects must be SAFE so students and their parents need to work together.
  • Here are some ideas: Pick up trash; Record yourself reciting a song of encouragement to send to elderly relatives and friends; Make and send cards to seniors or people in the hospital; Weed a garden; Wash a car; Wash a dog (!); Call people who may be lonely; Deliver a piece of art you made to a front porch of a neighbor with a note; Plant some seeds or flowers to beautify an empty spot.
  • The official day of service is Friday, May 8th, but it’s up to you to decide when your
    service should take place between now and then.
  • Your ideas will be better than these! Ready-set-GO!

What about the “A-Thon” part of the Serve-A-Thon?

  • All students and their families are encouraged to setup a personal fundraising page at
  • You can post pictures, videos and written updates about your acts of service here and then share on Facebook or Twitter. You can also pass this link to likely donors.
  • Calling family and friends directly can be the best way to fundraise. Make the call!
  • By emailing your fundraising letter (see example below) you can reach lots of folks.
  • Please let us know if you need help setting up your personal GoFundMe page or reach out to classmates or other families who may be tech savvy.

To reach our goal of $50,000, we need everyone to help. All families on board!
Make a plan now: We ask each of your students to set a personal goal of $400. That may
sound like a lot but we know you can do it. $400 is just:

  • 16 people give $25 each OR 40 people give $10 each OR 400 people give $1 each

The Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon takes place each spring. This exciting adventure of service to our community in which the Lord has so graciously placed us has proven to be our most successful opportunity to raise money for general school support and scholarship.

The Serve-A-Thon under normal circumstances

The purpose of The Great PUCS Serve-A-Thon is twofold:

1).  Our students, staff and volunteers will serve the community by picking up litter in Wilkinsburg, thereby preventing it from entering the Nine Mile Run Watershed.  As there is less litter in our community, we are excited about collaborating with local organizations on these service projects:

  • Pittsburgh Learning Commons at Community Forge – Weed and plant at Community Forge. Clean the playground.
  • Hamnett Place Community Garden – Lay compost and mulch on fruit trees and garden hedge, replanting a small garden bed that creates a pollinator-friendly environment and visually appealing space, painting signs to help identify various parts of the community garden and to welcome community members.
  • Center for Civic Arts – Design and paint mural on Ferguson Playground wall.
  • Sleeping OctopusDeconstruct and properly plant 10-15 planters on the property.  Reseed and reinforce a pollinator swale and reinforce and spread straw.
  • Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Wilkinsburg has a garden lot right next door and it needs some TLC getting ready for spring.

2).  We will raise much-needed funds for general school support and for our scholarship fund. While the Development Office does this excellently and year-round, this is the only opportunity that we really ALL get to rally behind PUCS and share our vision.  This school year, PUCS awarded over $350,000 in financial aid; without it, many of our students could not have attended PUCS.