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Financials At-A-Glance

Through the years, PUCS has maintained roughly a 50/50 partnership between tuition and contributions income. This enables us to create a sustainable career for our teachers and provide financial aid to more than 87 students.

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2020-21 BUDGET: $1,584,550

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Our growth has been funded by a partnership between families and donors.

PUCS continues to make the necessary investments to maintain a sustainable organization, while operating within our means.

As with investments, a diverse group of contributors is a critical factor in organizational sustainability.

* Includes donations made through the PA Educational Improvement and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Programs IE/TC and OSTC].

PUCS’s annual donor base continues to increase.

Our strategic initiative is to build a financial aid reserve in order to fund the upcoming year’s financial aid prior to allocating awards. These reserves allow us to weather the uncertainties of charitable giving and state tax credits.