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Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Uniquely Gifted Children

We view each student as a whole person.  We are not a collection of components, or brains attached to bodies, but God’s image-bearers, with intention and purpose at every age.

All of our teachers are trained to utilize Responsive Classroom techniques to help students make good decisions about how they treat others.  We use developmentally-appropriate techniques to help build students’ self-discipline and thoughtfulness.

Kindergarten/First Grade Age Requirements

A child applying for kindergarten must be five years old by August 31st of the year for which he/she is seeking enrollment. First graders should be six years old by August 31st. We offer a half day option for kindergarten, as well.

Unit-Based Curriculum

Here is an example of what our unit-based curriculum looks like:

Math: Teachers in grades 1-5 utilize the Everyday Math program of study.  Everyday Math guides students to understand math concepts in anticipation of introducing algebra and geometry in Middle School.

Music, Art, Spanish, and Physical Education: Each grade incorporates weekly music exploration, art expression, Spanish language development, and physical education and unstructured outdoor recess (most days).

All School Unit & Spring Production

Elementary students are actively engaged in the All-School Unit. They explore the theme throughout the curriculum and participate in the annual Spring Production.

Learn more about this year’s All-School Unit & Spring Production >

Grade Sequence

Elementary school classes are arranged to promote a nurturing environment for the students. After 1st grade, classes are combined so that student have the same teacher for two years. This help students encounter a familiar routine while also allowing older students to help younger students achieve success. We offer two 2nd and 3rd grade combined classes and two 4th and 5th grade combined classes.

From the Office of Unusual Questions:

“Why does PUCS combine elementary grade classes?”

Each student develops at a different pace. By combining the 2nd and 3rd grade students and the 4th and 5th grade students, the younger students are mentored by older students as they work through problems, and everyone progresses together.