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Teachers and Staff

Teachers and Student Support

Elementary School

Annan McGinley – Pre-K

Abby Norman – Pre-K Aide

Tashea Rawlings – Pre-K Counts

Alexus Jackson – Pre-K Counts Aide

Erlina Mae Adler – Kindergarten

Melanie Hommes – 1st Grade/Lead Teacher for Primary Grades

Gretchen Bolen – 1st, 2/3, and 5th Grade Aide

Linda Cooper – 2nd/3rd Grade

Hannah Williams – 2nd/3rd Grade

Joy Gibson – Full-Time Classroom Aide

Sarah Fuller – 4th/5th Grade/Lead Teacher for Grades 2-5

Beverly Reitsma – 4th/5th Grade

Middle School

Ann Douglas – Language Arts/Lead Teacher for Middle School

Maggi Farrow – Math

Drew Honebrink – History

Natalie Walsman – Science

Special Subjects and Educational Support

Jimmie Rhodes – Physical Education

Nina Gettemy – Spanish K-8

Chelsea Dixon – Music K-8

Anne Melnyk – Resident Artist

Suzie Salo – Events Coordinator/Spring Production

Administrative Staff

Jonathan Ray – Executive Director

Christy Wauzzinski – Education Director

Bea Thomas – Development Director

Rolonda Stephens-Stewart – Assistant Education Director & Admissions Coordinator

Rachel Edwards – Office Administrator

Ashley Jones – Communications Coordinator

Rebecca Musoba – Serve-A-Thon Coordinator