Spring Producation Moving to Youtube

Dear Families,

As you may have already anticipated, this year’s Spring Production will be filmed and made available to families and friends on our Youtube Channel, rather than held in-person. Mrs. Salo, our script writer, shared this update with students today during Spring Production rehearsal and we wanted to be sure to let you know directly as well. 

In early October of last year, we were so optimistic when we met to discuss trying to hold the Spring Production in-person. Mrs. McCombs, Mrs. Salo, Mrs. Pinto-Martin, and I measured the Sanctuary and the Gym, but found that neither space was adequate to accommodate the number of attendees we anticipated, even with a reduced audience (two performances). We then investigated several other venues, but the logistics of arranging rehearsals, transporting students, etc. in addition to the actual performances proved to be a huge obstacle. Then, when the Omicron variant hit and now, as the level of cases remains unpredictable, we feel like we really have no other choice. 

We know that this is not the news you were probably hoping for, but we are working hard to still make this year’s production a special experience for everyone involved. One way we plan to do that is to hire a professional videographer to film the performance who will work closely with our 4th & 5th grade students throughout the videography process, giving them a unique learning experience. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this and get more of the details finalized. If you have any questions or concerns at this time, please email me at christy.wauzzinski@pucs.org. 


Christy Wauzzinski
Education Director