2018 Spring Production : The Land Transportation Race

Our Spring Production has been so popular, we’ve expanded to three shows – a Dress Rehearsal Matinee and Two Evening Events! We have 300 seats available for each show – but those go quickly. Our parents alone will occupy more than a third of those seats.

This has always been a free show, and we’re going to keep it that way again this year…but we need your help. Please sign up below for the number of tickets you’d like for each show. DO NOT RESERVE A SEAT FOR YOUR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. WE’VE ALREADY COUNTED THEM!

We’re trusting the PUCS community! If everyone signs up for what they need, honors what they sign up for, and leaves room for others, then we should be able to accommodate everyone at our three shows. We’re certain a little consideration can make this work.

When a show reaches 90% capacity, we’re going to close the ticket window for that show. Remaining seats will be available at the door to alumni and last-minute guests.

RSVP for your tickets by following this LINK!