Our Vision:  To be a model of excellence in education by affirming Biblical values in a diverse and urban setting.

Our goal is not to be a great Christian school; it’s to be a great school.  We believe this is only possible by paying attention to God’s priorities and viewing children and the world through His lens.  And we want to do it here, in the city, where opportunity and need intersect.

Our Mission:  To equip students to thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to serve.  

Our mission underscores two key distinctives.  First is the belief that academic success is not worth pursuing at the expense of thriving emotionally and spiritually. Second is the ultimate goal, “in order to serve.”  Our idea of a successful student is one who seeks excellence to bring glory to God and to serve others, rather than for individual reward.

Our Values

The board and staff of PUCS are committed to the following:

  • Christ-centered thought and action.
  • Harmony in a diverse community
  • An integrated approach to education
  • Nurturing an environment that cultivates each child’s gifts

Our values create boundaries for us and force us to ask good questions about everything we do.  An integrated approach is reflected not only in our education but also in our work together: we don’t uphold anyone value at the expense of the others.  Harmony will not be sought absent of Christ-centered action; our integrated approach to education works in dialogue with cultivating each child’s gifts; nurture will not sacrifice harmony.